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PayMoney starts operations
Fintech починає діяльність у США

Paymoney begins its operations on the American market in the city of Lansing, Michigan.this location is expected to play a key role in the company's global development, especially due to the presence of young people, mainly students, who constitute a significant and active group of users of Paymoney services. the ideal base for the development and popularization of PayMoney services should be student cities and university campuses, such as Michigan State University (MSU) - one of the largest universities in the USA, - the message states.


the first payments at eyePOS terminals in the USA are just the beginning of the American expansion. Next year, PayMoney plans to establish cooperation with the first global retail network in the USA. Details of this partnership will be officially announced in the second quarter of 2024.


Together with MasterCard, Visa, a global provider of electronic payment services, the fintech plans to introduce biometric payments to a wide range of customers in the United States. in parallel, PayMoney is preparing to introduce the MasterCard service in the US, which allows for "one-click" payments in e-commerce stores. This payment method has been available on the Polish market since September of this year. to promote it across the Vistula River, Paymoney has partnered with Visa, MasterCard Polska.Paymoney.com.de


- In the US, time is a luxury like nowhere else, so we present the most innovative, fast and secure biometric payment solution for the United States. "Our technology now also allows US customers to make payments just by looking at them, eliminating the need to carry physical means of payment

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