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How online casino advertising deceives Internet users

Online casinos deceive players, banks, the state and all of us. The NES company offers an overview of fraud schemes of illegal gambling establishments.


How online casinos deceive gamblers

First, useless licenses. in fact, establishments only need licenses to obtain a bank acquiring and merchant account to accept International Payment Systems (IMS) card payments. These permits can be issued by the regulator of any country that allows online gambling. for example, Curacao, Great Britain, Denmark. There are no Russian licenses for online casinos and there cannot be, because the law allows only bets and only bookmakers to be accepted via the Internet. If the casino cheated, complaining to the regulator of another country is long, difficult and practically useless. taking into account the general ill will towards Russia.

Secondly, script games. Counterfeit machines (or slots) are theoretically easy to detect, because licensed games with guaranteed random results are downloaded from the manufacturers' servers

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